About Us





Cosmetix Unlimited, Inc. was established in Manila, Philippines in 2014 by
entrepreneurs Ms. Rosette Alangilan, and Mr. Pocholo Balili. Cosmetix Unlimited
Inc. (CU) started bringing in cosmetic and beauty products mid of 2014, and carried
imported brands such as Son & Park, Nature Republic, Shining Nature Purity (SNP).
Instead of creating their own stores, CU Inc. decided to sell and distribute their
products through retailers, both thru traditional and online based avenues. Slowly,
CU has steadily increased their product line from lipsticks, foundations, eyeliners,
BB creams, to sun block lotions, body gels, facial masks, and other beauty products.
They also started carrying US & UK brands of cosmetic products, among which
includes City Colors USA, Sleeks Cosmetics UK, LA Splash US, among others.

As their products increased, so did their distribution and sales. At present, CU
products are being distributed to numerous retailers within Metro Manila, as well
as over the internet with known and credible online retailers. In addition to
distributing named brands products, CU has started providing cosmetic and beauty
products on a “private-label” basis. Several institutional and Multi Level
Marketing (MLM) companies have sought CU to provide for them cosmetic products
such as lipsticks, and body gels carrying their own brand names. The trust of CU is
to provide an alternative value for money cosmetic and beauty products that is
appropriate for the Filipina.


Mission and Vision

COMPANY MISSION To be able to provide value for money cosmetic and beauty products that is appropriate to the beauty of the Filipina.


1. To be able to make the brands carried by Cosmetix Unlimited Inc. (CU) the preferred cosmetic and beauty brands of the Filipina.

2. To develop a comprehensive network of retailers throughout the country to carry the brands of Cosmetic Unlimited Inc. (CU).

3. To improve the welfare of all its employees, through an atmosphere of camaraderie and

continuous improvement within the CU workplace.

4. To be able to provide a generous return for all stakeholders in Cosmetics Unlimited Inc. (CU)

including stockholders, management, partners, and employees.